Predictions for the Chinese Mobile Game Market in 2016, Maturity and Growth in Hardcore Games

Predictions for the Chinese Mobile Game Market in 2016, Maturity and Growth in Hardcore Games
“2016 is a year of maturity in the mobile game industry in China. Quality will bring long-term growth”
December 2, 2015 – Chengdu, China – As 2015 quickly ends, TestBird’s CEO, Li Wei, shares his opinions on the Chinese mobile game industry and what to expect in 2016. Mr. Wei believes that 2015 was seen as a beginning of maturing in China’s mobile game industry. TestBird is the leading game testing company in China and has worked with thousands of developers and has tested over 13,000 games this year.
Mr. Wei is available for interviews on the development of the industry in 2015 and future in 2016. Information on contacting him are at the bottom of the press release.
“Just as PC games in 2005 began to mature in China, mobile games’ pace of development is expected to continue maturity this next year,” said Mr. Wei. “The maturing of these mobile games will increase as the need for more hardcore games increase.” TestBird has seen an increase of hardcore games in China this year with a 37.9% increase this year compared to 1.6% increase in casual and mainstream.
“High quality games like “Zi You Zhi Zhan”, “Long Yu Jing Ling”, and “You Sha Qi Tong Hua”, all tested in TestBird by our mobile compatibility testing, brought increased quality to the industry and were the biggest hits of the year,” stated Mr. Wei.
Mr. Wei also believes that this maturing will have industry pains as company closures and updating in businesses strategy are inevitable. “There are a number of people in the industry today that are carrying out updating and eliminating the issues in our business.”
“As a professional mobile game test expert, TestBird is helping the industry to improve game quality by helping solve inevitable problems that need to be addressed. Just one and a half years since we started, TestBird has tested more than 15,000 games to become the world’s largest mobile game cloud platform. And through TestBird’s testing, the list of outstanding games tested have become the top games in the biggest mobile marketplaces.”
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About TestBird:
Founded in 2013 by Mr. Li Wei, former president of GSM Research and Development of Huawei Wireless, along with key members of TestBird’s management being former Huawei employees, TestBird today is the largest mobile functional and cloud testing group in the world. TestBird’s team of experienced workers have years of experience helps mobile game companies in the support of testing management, automated tools, mobile internet operations, and publishing. The company in 2015 expanded into analytics, user acquisition, and advertisement monetization with its newest mobile attribution analytics product.
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