PRESS RELEASE: China’s Leading Testing Company, TestBird, Reaches its biggest milestone of over 10,000 mobile apps tested.

Chengdu, China – August 10, 2015 – TestBird, a leading mobile application tester in Chengdu, China announced today the milestone of over 10,000 mobile application tested since opening their doors in 2013. As many of today’s mobile apps are becoming more complicated and the amount of phones in the market grow, TestBird has worked with application developers and publishers in insuring quality testing of functionality for their apps. The testing done at the laboratories in Testbird included many types of functional testing including the testing of installation, blank screens, playability, and proper application closing.

Company CEO Li Wei was happy about the news. “We have been working hard these past 2 years to make a product that would help not only the app makers in China, but around the world. This news continues to remind us that we are making the right steps and will hopefully reach our 100,000 application tested milestone in the next 5 years.”

The functional testing at TestBird is just one of the many types of testing done in the company. The company also has created a crowdsourcing tool for the Chinese market. This allowed application developers and publishers to let quality testers from around the country to try out mobile apps and send in issues, bug, and comments about the game and it’s quality.

With over 10,000 mobile apps tested, Testbird is continuing to grow in popularity among Chinese mobile game developers and worldwide companies coming into China. “We’re able to test over 95% of the mobile market in China with the phones we have at our laboratory,” Mr. Wei stated. “We feel that any mobile company large or small can come and have their apps tested here, rated, and returned in 24 hours. This is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition and why we have so many companies coming back to us for more testing.”

Companies such as Tencent, Gameloft, Tap4Fun, and Perfect World have used the service to save their companies from the cost of owning different phones, testing their apps, and the cost of storing phones. The TestBird laboratory is also the only laboratory in China officially named ‘National Mobile Game Testing Center’.

This news comes after the introduction of TestBird’s attribution tracking service at GMIC Beijing 2015. The product has already found support among Advertising Networks in China and worldwide. The product allows developers and publishers to track how well their advertising campaigns are by who installs their apps and how users purchase items inside the app.

For more information about Testbird, please visit the companies website

About TestBird

Founded in 2013 by Mr. Li Wei, former president of GSM Research and Development of Huawei Wireless, along with key members of Testbird’s management being former Huawei employees, Testbird began as the largest mobile functional and cloud testing group in the world. TestBird’s team of experienced workers have years of experience helps in the support of testing management, automated tools, mobile internet operations, and publishing. The company in 2015 expanded into analytics, user acquisition, and advertisement monetization with its 3rd-party attribution tracking service.

Headquartered in Chengdu, China, with offices established in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

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