PRESS RELEASE: TestBird Enjoys a Successful ChinaJoy Gaining More Interest in Mobile Testing and Attribution Tracking

PRESS RELEASE: TestBird Enjoys a Successful ChinaJoy Gaining More Interest in Mobile Testing and Attribution Tracking
Announcements of new partnerships, growth in the company, and free trials of their products stood out for the company at ChinaJoy.


Chengdu, China – August 5 – Chengdu tech company, TestBird caught the attention of many exhibitors and attendees at ChinaJoy, China’s largest digital entertainment expo and exhibition in Shanghai last weekend. The four day event was seen as a great success for the company as they announced work to build on their successful mobile game testing platform and the growth from their newest mobile ad platform that allows for mobile attribution tracking. TestBird also announced the company would be giving away free trials of their services to those who attended ChinaJoy with free testing and tracking for anyone who was interested during the next few months. TestBird is the only large mobile attribution analytics and tracking to allow free trial access to their system.


TestBird announced at ChinaJoy that they have worked with over 4,000 companies in providing high quality functional and compatibility testing since the companies launch in 2013. TestBird includes companies like EA, Perfect World, Tap4Fun, Glu, and Yodo1 as clients that have used the service for apps on Android and iOS devices. Over 80 different developers, publishers, and outsourcing companies visited TestBird’s booth and showed interest in working with the company. This included companies from within China and abroad.


TestBird also announced a partnership with the KMGA (Korea Mobile Game Association) to help in the testing of apps developed by small and mid-sized mobile game companies. The partnership will allow app developers in South Korea the chance to have their games tested for any compatabity issues such as blank screens, freezes, crashes, and other bugs between the app and mobile devices. KMGA operates as part of the Government of the Republic of Korea and works to build up independent developers with resources not readily available for small budget companies.


Anyone interested in the free trial of testing for their app on over the 1,000 different mobile devices at the company or interested in a free trial of mobile attribution tracking can reach the company at their website for information or contact Luke Stapley ( for more information.



About TestBird

Founded in 2013 by Mr. Li Wei, former president of GSM Research and Development of Huawei Wireless, along with key members of Testbird’s management being former Huawei employees, Testbird began as the largest mobile functional and cloud testing group in the world. TestBird’s team of experienced workers have years of experience helps in the support of testing management, automated tools, mobile internet operations, and publishing. The company in 2015 expanded into analytics, user acquisition, and advertisement monetization with its newest mobile attribution analytics product.

Headquartered in Chengdu, China, with offices established in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

You can visit their website at



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