Rely on the Real Thing! Android Emulation Can’t Test Everything

Rely on the Real Thing! Android Emulation Can’t Test Everything
There are great things that can come out of testing with only emulation. Emulation allows for testing your app for many different screen sizes, memory conditions, and other issues that you probably couldn’t test for unless you purchased that device. But it can only go so far.
Companies like Bluestacks and Genymotion are great for the day to day functional testing and regression testing that goes on in the testing world. But many may think this is all you really need for your testing needs. Just a few phones and emulation and you’ll have no problems with your phone’s compatibility.
Sadly, this isn’t the answer. There are too many phones with different hardware, chipsets, memory, and other things that could break your game or app. When games or apps are buggy, users no longer send you emails about the bugs, they either tell people in the reviews or just plain uninstall your game with no response as to why.
We’ve found in our experience that there is a time and place for everything in your mobile development cycle. TestBird is always here to help you in your final stages of compatibility and functionality testing. We want to make sure your game can stand up to the many different devices on the earth and come out battle worn and ready for release with no bugs and certainly nothing that crashes or freezes your app.
If anything like that does come up, we can also help you with our comprehensive report that tells you exactly what happened and can tell you ways to better optimize your game. Check out the online reporting as well for second-by-second reports as well.
If you think you need the help of over 1,000 devices in our labs, contact us or start a free demo test by clicking on the button at the top.

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