Stop Losing Money with Poorly Tested Apps

Stop Losing Money with Poorly Tested Apps
Everyone has a great idea for an app. But finding all the right things and making it all work is not always that easy. Most times people put a lot of investment and energy into the next great app and poor execution turns into lost time and money.
Many have learned that creating an app requires a lot of planning from not only a design, functionality, and promotional side. But making sure that the user experience is enjoyable, has what they want, and does what they need. Crashes, bugs, and other items can ruin this experience.
TestBird works with developers to help out in their work for a better user experience with our mobile compatibility testing. We are able to test an app and share with a developer exactly where problem points in compatibility are and give advice on what to do.
Our testing has been proven to increase ratings in the marketplace and decrease poor comments given to frustrated customers. It also allows you the chance to retain more users using your app, bringing in better revenue.
The great thing here at TestBird is the ease of use of our product. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

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