Take 2 Minutes to Check out Our New Online Mobile Test Analysis Center

TestBird has always wanted to produce the most professional compatibility test report for the mobile game industry. Many developers have praised our company for our detailed reporting that includes screenshots and detail log analysis. This feature has helped 5,000 developers quickly locate issues and address them with little to no downtime.


However, this was not enough for us. We want to blow our competition out of the water. Today we announce some new beta features to further optimize the process of locating the problem through our online logs, greatly shortening the time again for developers who issues relate to logic issues.


How to access our new beta section




When we complete testing for your mobile game, we will send you a test report. In section 8, it will show you all the models tested and their compatibility issues as well as basic information about the phone in the report. Clicking on the “Check Log / screenshots”  button link will open the devices screenshot and log analysis interface from our website.




Developers who are familiar with TestBird test report should know this interface very clearly. Dragging your mouse on the graph will move the red dotted line that gives you exact information from that point in testing as well as screenshots showing you what was happening during that time.




You should see a new button has appeared on the top of the web page. Clicking on it will allow you to enter our new beta online test logging center.


Features in the Beta Logging Center



This is a full view of what you should see from the new report.



On the top there is a navigation bar that has classified each type of issue with a color and the number of mobile devices that failed. Currently we have only 7 tabs for all the issues including an All tab. On the far right is a Blue button allowing you to download the entire log without screenshots.




We have a search bar for entering in keywords, and selecting the issue level: All, Low, Medium, High (defaults to All).




This area will share the error type, issue level, when it occurred and a brief comment about the error. On the far right are buttons share link, view screenshots, view logs, download log, and recording time. Hovering over this section gives you the location of the error. Clicking on the area can provide some extra information and screenshots if available.




You can view the performance curve at the bottom of the page. It will provide you with logs and screenshots by clicking on a point in time on the performance curve, you can see a screenshot of this point in time and the associated system log.


After locating the problem, what if you want to show the exact same logs and at the exact time you are studying to your other developers?




Clicking on the “Share” button opens a popup within the page a link that gives another developer a look at the exact same bug and at the exact location of the timeline you are viewing.




We hope you enjoy our new UI and features in our online logs. It’s still in Beta, so please contact us if you have any suggestions or bugs you find.

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