Tencent and TestBird make a Strategic Cooperation to Create a Better Ecological Chain for Mobile Games

Tencent and TestBird make a Strategic Cooperation to Create a Better Ecological Chain for Mobile Games
Tencent announced at the 10th Annual TFC Global Mobile Game Conference a cooperation with mobile game testing company, Testbird, to help build better mobile games in the Chinese mobile game ecology. Both company after a year of discussion feel that working together will help build a better foundation for Chinese mobile games coming into the market.


The announcement was held at Beijing International Convention Center on March 17th, 2015. TestBird announced that their automated mobile game testing platform (the first in the world) would assist Tencent cloud to advance more efficient and more intelligent mobile apps and games into the Chinese market. Li wentao, commercial deputy general manager of Tencent cloud computing company, attended the conference and signed the agreement on behalf of Tencent with TestBird.


As the giant of internet industry in China, Tencent has formed a large array of mobile games with their research, publishing and operating groups. TestBird will be in contact with half of the country’s mobile games when accessing Tencent’s marketplace ecosystem.


TestBird will provide various mobile games with compatibility testing and real public testing service, which will improve compatibility and attraction of mobile games, increase retention rates and payment rate, as well as enhancing game quality for users. “Different users have different requirements. Our Tencent cloud can not meet all the requirements with lots of game developers entering into our marketplace. The cooperation with TestBird will provide the leading testing service for game developers” said Li wentao.


It is reported that there are four main reasons why Tencent chose to cooperate with TestBird:

  1. TestBird is the only cloud testing platform focusing on mobile games with strong technical strength in the world and their “eagle-eye” technology that can deeply analyzes the whole inner function of mobile game, which will update the mobile game testing from traditional human testing and simple automatic testing to automatic cloud testing.
  2. TestBird has strong service capability. Currently, TestBird always adhere to being a customer-centric company and can respond quickly to customer demands, which has earned them an
    excellent reputation in the industry.
  3. TestBird has a rich experience in mobile testing. TestBird has cooperated with more than 2000 mobile game companies during the past 8 months and TestBird has is the only “National Mobile Game Testing Center”. Furthermore, More than 3000 games has been tested and research about compatibility testing has been made available by TestBird in their 2014 Chinese mobile game compatibility testing white paper.
  4. TestBird have two products – mobile game compatibility testing and crowdsource testing, which can provide more advanced mobile game research

As of today, Tencent users can use the professional mobile game testing service immediately by logging into Tencent cloud service marketplace. “The current cooperation between Tencent and TestBird is just the beginning and our cooperation and will advance comprehensively in the future,” said Li Wei, CEO of TestBird. “TestBird hopes to gain access to The Tencent Open Platform and QQ software manager service (myapp.com)  which will provide their mobile games platform with comprehensive, convenient, and professional testing service and become an important part of Tencent’s cloud ecosystem.”

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