TestBird Adds Android M Compatability Testing Through the Google Nexus 5

TestBird Adds Android M Compatability Testing Through the Google Nexus 5
Recently, Google officially confirmed the Android M operating system (aka Android Marshmallow) will be an upgrade to the system making it version 6.0. According to industry reports, Android 6.0 is smoother, more reliable, and has battery saving that surpasses iOS 9. Mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and so on, have been racing to upgrade their bigger mainstream brands to supply their customers with the latest updates.
With Android 6.0 becoming more common in the market, game developers need to check if their games are compatible and are inevitably facing serious fears of incompatibility issues. To help game developers avoid problems with Android 6.0. TestBird, the world’s largest automated mobile test platform, has updated some of our Google Nexus 5 phones to version 6.0, providing both Android 6.0 and Android 5.X for testing.
As we all know, Google Nexus 5 has been the benchmark for development, and for mobile games developers to keep up with market trends, they need to be constantly adapting to their latest versions in order to better seize the market.
TestBird advises developers to pay attention to the new brands of devices using the updated OS as well as test that their game are working with the new OS. If you need to do compatibility testing for Android M, do not forget to check with TestBird for Nexus 5 testing so you can be at the front end of the industry.

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