TestBird Builds International Growth with South Korean Mobile Game Testing

South Korea’s mobile market continues to grow. The number of smartphones in South Korea has increased to a high of 80% and there are 32.4 million active users existing on the mobile Internet, which account for about 63% of the total population. The market share of Android devices in South Korea has reached 90% because of the two biggest telecommunication equipment manufactures in South Korea —SAMSUNG and LG. The style and market orientation of mobile games in South Korea have some innumerable links with China because South Korea mobile gamers have the same interests as Chinese mobile gamers. Mobile games in South Korea have a good reputation all around the world with its high game quality games. The scale of the mobile game market as a whole in 2014 reached 1.258 trillion KRW ($1.07 billion USD), which should not be underestimated.


At present, TestBird will expand its overseas mobile game testing service. We except that helping local business in China and South Korea will be the frontier of our globalization strategy at TestBird. TestBird has added a number of mobile phones from the South Korean market to about 120 since 2012 and TestBird has purchased 70 different types of mobile phones belonging to SAMSUNG and LG and Pantech, which has totally covered up 90% popular types of mobile phones in South Korea. Chinese mobile games wanting to enter into South Korea market can complete the functional compatibility testing of South Korea market quickly using TestBird’s mobile game testing platform rather than going abroad and enter into South Korea market quickly.


The following are a few of the most popular Android devices of mobile phones in South Korea that TestBird can test for developers. If the mobile game in your company is ready to entering into the South Korea market, it is necessary to make the detailed testing of these types. It is the top priority for your mobile game to make sure to have localization and compatibility testing before going abroad or your mobile game will be feel just like a fish out of water in South Korea’s market.


The Listing of Popular Models of Mobile Phones in South Korea on TestBird Mobile Game Testing Platform


LG Models


LG AKA SAMSUNG Galaxy Grand 2
LG F7(Optimus LTE3) SAMSUNG Galaxy Mega 2
LG F70 SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 10.1 wifi
LG G3 Vigor SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 LTE-A
LG Gx SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 Active
LG Lucid 3 SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A
LG Optimus G pro SAMSUNG Galaxy W
Pantech Vega Iron SAMSUNG Galaxy Win

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