TestBird Has Tested Games for Over 60% of the Mobile Game Market in China

TestBird Has Tested Games for Over 60% of the Mobile Game Market in China

“60% of China’s major mobile game companies have used TestBird for their functional and compatibility testing.”

September 14, 2015 – Chengdu, China – Since its inception in 2013, TestBird, the world’s first automated mobile game testing company, has helped in the rapid development of mobile Internet industry in China. TestBird is happy to announce today that it has helped nearly 5,000 Chinese game companies, accounting for over 60% of the Chinese mobile game market.
TestBird’s cloud testing platform for compatibility of mobile games began in 2014, and now has become the most recognized and the most used mobile game testing company in China and the world’s largest mobile game testing platform.
Our data shows that the current game market in China is employing nearly 30 million people in the video game industry. In 2014, China had nearly 20,000 mobile games development studios, with only 8,000 of them being highly well-known and large-scale companies in China. Well-known companies such as Tencent, Netease, Yodo1, Perfect World, as well overseas companies DeNA, Daewoo and many others have become happy customers with TestBird. This data indicates that TestBird now occupies over 60% market share in China and plans on continuing to bring in more companies every day.
In addition to the rapid increase in the number of customers, the quality of the game using TestBird’s services are increasing as Chinese games The Journey of Flower (花千骨),  Variable Sky (苍穹变) and Murderous Call (有杀气通话)have used TestBird’s compatibility optimization and functional testing.
Businesses are singing the praises of TestBird expertise in mobile game testing
In January 2015, TestBird issued their first study, “2014 White Paper on China’s Mobile Device Game Compatibility”, based on thousands of compatibility test cases done in the company’s labs. This was the first time a systematic study of the compatibility issues had been created and help re-define compatibility issue criteria for determining compatibility testing for the mobile device industry, bringing industry recognition to TestBird’s professionalism and quick service. The report (in Simplified Chinese only) can be found at our Chinese website.
A random survey from game market professionals in China mentions TestBird’s first impression as “professional.” One professional wrote, “TestBird is dedicated to its mobile game testing platform. TestBird continues to optimize and improve on their products, in the combination of their own research, but also continuing to learn from customer feedback on their needs in the market.”
Today’s TestBird continues to grow its existing resources, mobile device research, development, and testing services to enhance the developer’s game development efficiency and gradually extend the development of Chinese game business to a worldwide reach.

About TestBird:

Founded in 2013 by Mr. Li Wei, former president of GSM Research and Development of Huawei Wireless, along with key members of TestBird’s management being former Huawei employees, TestBird today is the largest mobile functional and cloud testing group in the world. TestBird’s team of experienced workers have years of experience helps mobile game companies in the support of testing management, automated tools, mobile internet operations, and publishing. The company in 2015 expanded into analytics, user acquisition, and advertisement monetization with its newest mobile attribution analytics product.

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