TestBird Invited to The 2015 Sino – Japanese Mobile Game Forum


Just the night before ChinaJoy, TestBird’s CEO Li Wei was invited to the 2015 Sino – Japanese Mobile Game Forum. This forum provides a direct, interactive and efficient platform for developers from Japan and China and strengthens the relationship between the two countries in terms of the gaming industry. During the forum, Mr. Li dived into exploratory discussion with top Japanese executives from Bandai Namco Entertainment, Mynet and Clover lab.


TestBird earns a seat at the forum for the contribution made to the industry


Being the largest mobile game cloud testing platform worldwide, TestBird is determined to bring the highest quality testing service to the the markets. The ‘2014 Chinese mobile game compatibility testing white paper’ answers a broad range of questions and solves various of problems regarding mobile game quality, TestBird became the benchmark of mobile game testing.


Recent hit games such as ‘The Journey of Flower’,‘Dragon & Elves’ and ‘Cang Qiong Bian’ all went through the sophisticated modern lab at TestBird’s ‘National Mobile Game Testing Center’. With high compatibility rate and play-ability, these games made their ways to the top of the iOS and Android stores overnight.


A discussion on the development of Sino – Japanses gaming industry


Mr. Li exchanged experience and thoughts on the current problems occurring in the gaming industry with the Japanese representatives. The gaming industry is becoming more international each year. Many Chinese developers are riding the globalization wind while Westerns game companies are setting foot on the Chinese market.


One of the problems Mr. Li mentioned was that markets such as North America, Europe and Japan set a high standard for mobile game quality. The majority of Chinese mobile games are having a hard time meeting the requirements. On the contrary, many Chinese gamers are not interested in the themes of some Western games.


In order to tackle the problems posed ahead, the Japanese executives expressed an expectation of building a long-term strategic alliance with TestBird in order to help Japanese games achieve success in the Chinese market. The Chinese representatives from top gaming companies also showed their interests in testing their games with TestBird to gain an upper hand in the oversea markets.


TestBird’s global expansion brings two countries closer


TestBird is taking active steps towards global expansion. TestBird is already working in Russia, Korea and Southeast Asia. Japan is next on the agenda. During this forum, TestBird gained deep knowledge of Japan’s gaming industry, the standard of mobile games and their current situation. It goes without saying that this occasion spurs TestBird to enter the Japanese market.


TestBird’s global expansion stimulates the globalization of the mobile game market in China and encourages Chinese mobile games to go out. TestBird’s high standard testing is the answer to mobile game quality. There are so much to look for at ChinaJoy, TestBird is certainly one of the highlights.

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