TestBird Leaves Competitors in the Dust with Fast and Accurate Reporting

TestBird Leaves Competitors in the Dust with Fast and Accurate Reporting
I was looking for a car the other day in China. There are many different brands and models that are out there. Of course I could go with a dependable car that goes from point A to point B. This could suit me well if I only wanted a car for work. But there’s a primal urge that always points me over to the fast cars. Those cars that were built for speed and are move with precision across the road. They always seem to make most guys like me feel like a kid again or the next professional driver to win a car race.


Wanting speed is something everyone seems to want in everything, especially in services. Fast food, fast money, and fast news reporting. TestBird is lucky as we have great engineers like those in car speedways that know how to optimize our testing. With our years of testing experience, we are able to complete our mobile functional testing with an extensive report in 24 hours. Many our competition can’t even come close to this speed.


We know as testers ourselves that speed is one thing you need. Doing all the work we do of testing games on over 300 models, just for compatibility and fuctionality is extremely time consuming. We want to help you out with that. Our easy to use turn-key system makes it easy for any tester to use and our fast turnover means you don’t have to wait for those tests to be sent back and bog down your schedule with delays.


But it doesn’t just end with our mobile game testing, our mobile attribution analytics not only tracks people who install developer’s games, but we can report back all our data in under 5 minutes. This allows for many companies to change their marketing strategy within minutes instead of hours or even weeks. This saves a company time and better value for their money.


It isn’t just that we are fast and accurate, our great pricing is what has made TestBird a cut above the rest and allows us to be the best and most well-known testing service in China. We’d love to share our success and your future success with you. Contact us for free trials for our mobile tracking service and function mobile game testing.

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