Testbird Provides Softstar With Its Mobile Game Compatibility Testing

Established in 27th, April, 1988, the capital of Softstar Entertainment Inc. in Taiwan, who is the old-line game development company, now is 470 million. The Softstar Entertainment Inc. has more than 600 employees and there are seven companies in the Inc grasping the product research and marketing market of Chinese mainland, Taiwan, and Hongkong. Facing with the large amount of Android OS terminals in Chinese mainland and the serious compatibility  problem, the Softstar Entertainment Inc. cooperated with TestBird for the first time to solve the game compatibility problem by world-class  mobile game testing service provided by TeseBird.


Owning series of popular game works like Xuanyuan Sword, The Legend of Sword and Fairy, Monopoly, Stardom, Empire of Angels and Taiwan 16 Tiles Mahjong, the Softstar Entertainment Inc accumulates large amount of competitive IP for many years and tries its best to develop the mobile game now, which the Chinese mainland becomes its important market. However, the mobile game in Taiwan always meets with compatibility problems when enters into the Chinese mainland market. Confident with products research for many years, the Softstar Entertainment Inc should also improve the compatibility for ensuring the excellent game quality in the area of mobile game, which needs to be helped and supported by word-class mobile game testing service provider like TestBird.


TestBird has totally tested more than 10,000 games so far and has also tested lots of mobile games in Taiwan, which has formed a certain public praise in Taiwan although the mobile game has not popularize. With this cooperation between the Softstar Entertainment Inc and TestBird, the top-level mobile game producer in Taiwan begins to accept TestBird and the globalization process of TestBird carried out almost half a year starts to be effective.


The game of dragon and elves, which tested by TestBird, researched by Morefun Online Technology Co., Ltd. and produced by Taiwan Kuro Times Co., Ltd., ranked the fist in Taiwan Google play. The compatibility testing provided by TestBird helped to improve the stability of dragon and elves with the result of promoting the game player retention rates and game operation data. Taiwan becomes the important station for TestBird to enter the world stage because of the close neighbors connected by the same waters and the markets inputs in Taiwan will be increased by TestBird for some time in the future.

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