TestBird Shares Compatibility Issues in Southeast Asia

TestBird Shares Compatibility Issues in Southeast Asia

Chengdu, China – November 25, 2015 – After researching the biggest mobile using countries in Southeast Asia, TestBird has prepared their report on the issues effecting compatibility of mobile games with popular devices in the region. The results of the report, “Q1 – Q2 2015 Southeast Asia Android Device Survey Results”, are available on request to the media or by visiting our website, http://en.testbird.com/q1-q2-2015-southeast-asia-android-device-survey-results/.

TestBird is the leader in compatibility testing in China with other 2,000 devices in their lab and over 13,000 games tested with the company this year. The tests involve testing the game among 95% of the most popular devices in the region for bugs including freezing, crashes, display issues, and other problems that will hurt the game’s retention and compatibility with said devices.

In the report, TestBird was able to discover a few points of interest:

  • Compatibility issues in mobile games for the Southeast Asian markets have a retention rate loss of about 22.4%, resulting in a loss of $45 million RMB.
  • Most phones are using 4.4.x versions of Android
  • Qualcomm CPUs account for 50% of mobile devices
  • Phones in 720p are the most prominent (35.97%) with 1080p growing quickly
  • Installation failure, games crashing to the home screen and abnormal screen display are among the most serious issues in compatibility.

“With countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia being late to the mobile market, we are finding their recent growth to be quite fantastic,” TestBird CTO, Delphi Deng said. “Even though many of the phones we find in the region are lower-end models, the performance of these phones have done better than in China. We are expecting continued growth in the industry as the area develops with a younger population more in tune with technology and mobile phones. We hope that TestBird can help companies developing games in these regions grow by helping in our mobile compatibility testing and through our research.”

TestBird is working with Southeast Asian companies as a partner in the China-ASEAN Mobile Internet Industry Alliance (CAMIA). TestBird supports CAMIA by sharing informative talks at Southeast Asian events and working to help promote games from the region coming to the Chinese market.


About TestBird:
Founded in 2013 by Mr. Li Wei, former president of GSM Research and Development of Huawei Wireless, along with key members of TestBird’s management being former Huawei employees, TestBird today is the largest mobile functional and cloud testing group in the world. TestBird’s team of experienced workers have years of experience helps mobile game companies in the support of testing management, automated tools, mobile internet operations, and publishing. The company in 2015 expanded into analytics, user acquisition, and advertisement monetization with its newest mobile attribution analytics product.

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