Testbird Taking 20 Adnetwork Partners Announced the Commercial Use of Its Tracking Product

At ChinaJoy yesterday, TestBird announced the commercial use of its mobile attribution analytics product for user acquisition. TestBird has successfully integrated with well-known Adnetworks such as YeahMobi, inmobi, Avazu, Adways, etc.


It has been three months since the beginning of beta testing. Now the official product is available for grab. According to TestBird, this official product has more functions. It supports mainstream traffic channels and Google Adwords CPC model. Mobile game developers are now able to integrate with this tracking product and start analyzing advertising campaign strategies with overseas traffic providers.


TestBird currently has more than 4000 mobile game clients. Quite a number of them desire to take their business abroad. However, according to Luo Hao, the tracking product manager, many developers are unfamiliar with overseas markets and it is difficult for them to choose the right Adnetworks. How to acquire quality traffic under limited budget and monetize became the prominent issues.


As one of the strategic products, the mobile analytics tool offers accurate attribution algorithm, stable system, professional KIP dashboard and competitive pricing. After two years of development and improvement, TestBird’s tracking product will bring the most accurate analytics to advertisers, optimize their campaign strategies, reduce traffic acquisition budgets and make every penny counts.

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