TestBird Taking Two Secret Products to ChinaJoy, Shanghai

TestBird Taking Two Secret Products to ChinaJoy, Shanghai
ChinaJoy exhibition will be open for business from 30th of July till the 1st of August at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.


ChinaJoy is the the largest, most competitive and comprehensive exhibition for showcasing brands and new products, copyright trading, strategic cooperation, licensing and financing in China.


More than 400 domestic companies with 3000 newly developed games will claim their spots in the exposition center, giving mobile game developers, publishers and distributors great opportunities to discover and interact with each other.


Besides the gaming companies, the global mobile game automatic cloud testing platform ‘Testbird’ was invited to the event will be at booth W5-B732. TestBird will be presenting its two killer products: mobile game compatibility testing and advanced mobile attribution analytics for mobile user acquisition .


Since its establishment, TestBird has tested more than 10,000 mobile games and partnered with over 4000 mobile game developers and companies. Recent hit games such as ‘Fight for Freedom’, ‘Dragon & Elves’ and ‘The Journey of Flower’ all went through the sophisticated modern lab at TestBird’s testing facility. With high compatibility rate and play-ability, these games made their ways to the top of the iOS and Android stores overnight.


Compatibility Testing using TestBird

‘Mobile game compatibility issues such as installation failure, crashes, frozen screen, black screen, UI malfunctions, etc, happen more often than people think’, according to TestBird’s product manager, Luo Hao.


TestBird performs deep testing on mobile games’ internal functions that helps developers improve DAU, increase retention rate and convention rate through their cutting-edge Eagle Eye Object recognition technology.


Better Attribution and User Acquisition with Its Mobile App Tracking


Mobile App Tracking is a new-generation third party advanced mobile attribution analytics for mobile user acquisition.


Mobile App Tracking provides customers with real time tracking reports, users’ retention rates, convention rates, DAU, and can identify the sources of quality users, and their behaviors so companies can optimize advertising strategies and maximize ROI. The easy to use and transparent operating system makes everything easy and clear for the advertises and the Ad networks they work with.


Advanced analytics is the solution to the ever increasing advertising cost. Bombarding your ads everywhere is no longer an affordable option. This era of mobile internet calls for smart marketing and target-specific advertising.


What to except from ChinaJoy?


TestBird offers the whole service package to Chinese developers, especially the ones with a global plan. The mobile game compatibility testing eliminates all the bugs your game could possibly have before you set sail to the oversea markets. TestBird Mobile App Tracking provides you with real-time data and point you right to the valuable users. This mobile game ecosystem assists the developers with each step they take and increases the chances of winning in a foreign market.


During ChinaJoy, anyone that registers with TestBird will be able to acquire a free compatibility testing and a month of free mobile analytics!


TestBird’s enthusiastic employees are ready to chat with you anytime over some freshly made tea and coffee.

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