Testing over 500 phones in 24 hours! How To Get Bulk Testing for your App

Testing over 500 phones in 24 hours! How To Get Bulk Testing for your App

Costco is a very famous company in America. You can go in, buy food, clothing, medicine, and electronics all in one place at very low prices. The reason many believe they have been successful is because of the costly memberships they have members pay every year. But the other secret is keeping prices low by having bulk purchasing.
Buying in bulk can be great. Never need to worry about toilet paper for a year, feed a family of 10 easily, or never have to buy a single lightbulb ever again. Buying in bulk also makes the costs easy to manage and work with.

Bulk Testing with TestBird

TestBird mobile app compatibility testing has the option of buying bulk usage of our phones for compatibility testing for those who have special needs that our typical testing service can’t offer. For example:
You tested your app with TestBird and found some Samsung phones are having an issue with your app. You fixed the issue and only need to test 10 phones to make sure it works.
You want to test both the phones and your servers for a new online mobile MMORPG. You need 500 phones to stress test your server.
You are getting reviews saying a specific phone is crashing on startup. You don’t have that phone in your lab and need a log and screenshots for better investigation.
For these examples, we can help you with our bulk testing services. We allow for scaling of your testing needs. This service uses a special currency called TestBird Coins or “TBC” for short. These coins are available to purchase for bulk testing on any of our over 2,000 phones and future services provided at TestBird.  You can buy only the TBC you need, or buy in bulk for bonus coins.

How does TestBird Coins work?

Testing starts with a base cost of 1,000 TBC. After this, each phone only costs 20 TBC to test.
So for 10 phones, it’s 1,200 TBC (1,000 + (10 X 20)) and 500 phones are 11,000 TBC (1,000 + (500 X 20).
Bulk orders receive bonus coins allowing for more testing. It’s highly recommended that enterprises pickup bulk TBC for future usage.

If you purchase… You recieve X bonus coins
10,000 TBC 2,000 TBC
20,000 TBC 5,000 TBC
30,000 TBC 10,000 TBC
40,000 TBC 15,000 TBC
50,000 TBC 20,000 TBC

If you would like to learn more about the cost of TBC and its future uses, contact TestBird at intlsales@testbird.com

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