The Benefits of Automated Testing For Mobile Games

The Benefits of Automated Testing For Mobile Games

Many people assume testing with a computer has advantages and disadvantages over a human tester. This can all depend on the way you use a tool like automation. Every tool has advantages like a hammer easily building a house and the having the disadvantage at combing your hair.

When we talk about QA testing, automation is becoming more and more a helpful hand to the tester. This probably is due to the many uses that automation can do that some see as either too monotonous, time consuming, or are easily effected by human error.

TestBird has proven that using mobile testing automation when working in mobile device compatibility is a must with so much fragmentation in the industry with CPUs, memory, and resolutions. Our testing platform has allowed us to push a game on to our over 2,000 devices at the same time and test every configuration, allowing for the same testing all at same time on different mobile devices

The best part about doing automation this way is the time saved during our automation. Asking a group of testers to test a mobile game that fulfils most of the device configurations in the market could take days if not weeks to complete. Our testing is done in as little as 24 hours and can be returned with a full report completed by automation.

But will this end all manual testing? Not really as there will always be a need for smoke and functional testing that is sometimes difficult to do with a computer. Though our Eagle-Eye technology might combat that.

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