The Cost of Investing Your Company into Localization

The Cost of Investing Your Company into Localization

If you are building a mobile game company, the need for QA Testing will be a needed expense. This could be the cost of a tester, manger, or even a team, depending on your size.

Though functional testing, regression testing, and other testing might take center stage, TestBird reminds developers to please prepare your games for localization. Many games are sent to the marketplace with no region locks, allowing for gamers to play your game from Tokyo, London, Cape Town, Bogotá, and Albuquerque. Though this is great to have a game available to everyone, this can lead to big consequences.

Fragmentation of Android in one country has been bad, especially here in China, but when you add the world, you are going to get some very bad results. Too many times have we seen games that look fun and have great gameplay videos be impossible to download and install or have issues in the games like crashes and freezes. Add that to angry responses from game players on the marketplace and your retention rates will plummet.

TestBird wants to help you in your game development with our devices localization testing, part of our Mobile Compatibility Testing platform. This allows us to test your game among the most popular phones and make sure any issue starts and ends with us, allowing you less negative reviews and a better score in the store.

If you want to try out a free, no-risk trial of our platform, just click on the upper right and create an account. We are ready to help you in creating better gaming for all gamers.

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