The Ring of Fire: What You Need to Know When Entering the Indonesian Mobile Game Market

The Ring of Fire: What You Need to Know When Entering the Indonesian Mobile Game Market

Data shows that the Southeast Asian game market will reach 2.2 billion US dollars by 2017. Half the population occupying the entire Southeast Asian region is Indonesia and it now has become a critical point for the next few years for mobile devices. Southeast Asia is the first stop for Chinese companies overseas. And because Indonesia is of vital importance, it’s the current must-see market that every Asian developer needs to check out and understand if they want to import their games and apps into the rest of the Southeast Asian market.


Indonesian mobile market overview: the case of hardware
Indonesia’s young population is very prominent with people under 30 years of age accounting for half of Indonesia’s total population. Smartphones have become more and more popular with Huawei, Lenovo, VIVO, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers, being sold in the Indonesia. Indonesians looks more towards inexpensive phones, which makes Apple and Samsung devices too costly a luxury item for many.


In June 2014, Samsung’s had about 22 percent of the market in Indonesia, while Apple’s was 6%. The rest of the market is occupied by Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and local manufacturers in Indonesia, which means that Android devices will be popular for a long period of time, and will substantially occupy the Indonesian market. The late growth of the market means that Indonesia’s mobile devices have a strong hardware performance. So what should developers do when they enter Indonesia?




First: Do compatibility testing to reduce loss


Indonesia is in a construction period. High-speed mobile Internet, and mobile Internet users in Indonesia currently account for 32.9% of the population, about 81.8 million people. Indonesia’s mobile Internet users are growing at a double-digit growth rates and estimated in 2017 to overtake Japan. With China’s mobile phone manufacturers joining the fray early, it means that they face the same smartphone industry similar to that in China. Fragmentation is becoming a big problem.


Any developer who doesn’t want to spend a lot of resources when importing to Indonesia, have a great chance of hardware compatibility problems caused by the crashes, black screens, freezes, and more. Therefore, you should consider functional testing before entering the Indonesian market, specifically for popular models Indonesian region to conduct a real machine compatibility testing.


Second: Discover the advantages of the market and the quality of advertising channels
Understanding the marketing channels is the most important issue for good revenue in Indonesia. 80 percent of mobile devices are Android devices. There are many marketplaces including Google Play in the country. MoboMarket the region’s largest third-party channel currently has up to 3.13 million active users on their platform. There are also GudangAplikasi, Oomph, TemanDev, and WePlay.


Third: After the game is online, use tracking tools to optimize delivery precision


If you are concerned about how to screen the thousands of channels for the best resources, and squeeze every penny into the best channels to buy traffic, TestBird latest overseas advertising tracking platform can effectively help overseas companies. For those who buy advertising, you only need to embed a simple SDK into the game and the user will be able to learn what each channel is performing in their advertising. You can learn which player retention channels are best, what your players paying habits are, and which channels are doing better than others all at a glance through your online account. With more refined overseas advertising using our tracking platform, you will understand the characteristics of the players with more confidence.


For developers, you need to overcome a lot of difficulties overseas, but as long as you make adequate preparations before venturing into the Southeast Asian market, with advanced tools to arm yourselves, coupled with excellent product quality, you will be able successfully to sea. The first stop in Southeast Asia is to Indonesia, are you ready?

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