The Value of Testing in Mobile Game Development Process

The Value of Testing in Mobile Game Development Process

Recently there was a news story about the cost and use of QA testing within a console game company. The author is the head of a long time game development testing company for consoles and had some great data on the subject.

His theory is that 10% of your budget should always go towards QA and even higher as the group gets smaller. Testing could reach up to 30 – 40% of your budget if you are an indie developer. That could be scary, to have so much of your budget sinked into QA costs. Why is that?

He relates that with less assets to test and less straightforward testing goals, this can produce some issues that may need added time to complete and increase the cost of testing. Many times it is a balancing act between the developers and the testers in how long it took to find a bug and the time to fix these bugs. If one goes out of whack, the whole project could have trouble.

For developers, QA costs money. You have to provide a place for them to test, computers, facilities, and supplies to do proper testing. And if all testing is complete, you still have to pay them to sit around, waiting for the next build. One suggestion he purposes is to reduce the amount of testers during the process and to gradually increase the developers working on bugs. But doing that can be a science and require great skill by the QA Lead

One thing not mentioned though is the automation of some tasks. Though many AA and AAA game developers have these automation tasks built in for testing, Indie and A list developers may not have the time or money to complete automation or even understand what is needed. While they could outsource their issues to another company, Many mobile QA testing companies are too expensive.

TestBird was built with the idea that many smaller studios in the mobile game industry are looking to increase the quality and fix many of the bugs that are haunting their game. They want to have someone provide them the answers and fast! TestBird compatibility testing takes away a lot of the time and money needed to test if their app will be ready for the mainstream market. Talk to us or try out a free trial test to see what you can expect in your testing.

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