Tower Defense Games Can Be Too Hot To Handle – Case Study

Tower Defense Games Can Be Too Hot To Handle – Case Study

The Background

Puzzle games have been a popular casual game for over 10 years and as they have evolved, so has the gameplay. Shaman Showdown, by Sinergi Studio, is a puzzle game with the twist of tower defense. This fun game is free to play and allows players to charge their monsters through in-app purchasing or hard work.

The Problem

Shaman Showdown is already on iOS and the small development team was very worried about the large amount of devices that they would have to purchase when they had to test for compatibility for the games release on Android. With little budget for testing, they came to TestBird and their compatibility testing for help. TestBird was able to take the APK and test it among the most popular phones in Asia and returned the test in 24 hours for a low price that surprised the team.

The Solution

Indications from the testing showed that the game was very CPU heavy. It’s common for many Tower Defense games to be extreme with the mobile device’s CPU. With this knowledge, TestBird was able to suggest what needed to be fixed as well as other issues that come with heavy CPU usage (i.e. phone teperature). The game was rated good after testing, with very little in crashes or freezing.

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