TrackingBird joins heated discussion at the Round Table Panel, GMIC

TrackingBird joins heated discussion at the Round Table Panel, GMIC
The Beijing GMIC gathering will officially kick off in less than 24 hours. At 3pm tomorrow, TrackingBird’s CMO Snake Chen will represent Chinese mobile game service providers and join the Round Table Panel discussion under the topic of ‘Global User Acquisition and Monetization’.


The one-hour long panel will take place at Ballroom B. Speakers from leading companies in the mobile internet industry will hold the podium at the Mobile Marketing Summit. Chandy, CEO of Youmi mobile, Nobuyoshi Noda from Adways, Anand Subramanian from Olacabs, Johannes Heinze from AppLovin and Snake Chen from TrackingBird will share ideas, cases and the mobile sector globalization trend with the audience.


‘We’ve worked with more than 2500 mobile companies in China. We are thrilled to witness the progress our partners are making towards globalization. This globalization trend is a new opportunity for the Chinese mobile internet sector’, said Snake. ‘Meanwhile, mobile internet companies want solid data on user LTV and conversion instead of centering everything around CPIs. This is exactly why we created TrackingBird. We understand what Chinese companies need and we are capable of providing advanced technology and an analytics platform for them to tackle the western markets. This is a billion dollar market, it’s all about finding valuable users.’


TrackingBird is a sub-brand of TestBird who offers mobile game compatibility testing service. TestBird has acquired customers from more than 2500 Chinese mobile game companies in the past two years. Among the 2500 companies, 200 of them are taking substantial steps on entering the oversea markets.


Based on the topics and the backgrounds of the attendees, this GMIC emphases ‘Globalization’. GMIC has always been the benchmark of the mobile internet sector and the Chinese mobile internet sees GMIC as an irreplaceable gateway to the global mobile markets. The success of ‘Cheetah’ really did inspire the Chinese mobile companies and encourage mobile app developers to explore the oversea markets.


‘At TrackingBird, we have been polishing our skills and technology for the past two years. Our advanced analytics product for user acquisition fits with the round table panel discussion topic. We are looking forward to learning from inspiring companies such as AppLovin and Adways and play our part as a bridge that connects Chinese mobile games with the global markets. We cannot ask for more’, said Snake.


Time: 14:55-15:40, 28th April

Venue: Ballroom B (1st floor)

Summit Theme: Inspiring the future

Panel Topic: Global User Acquisition and Monetization


 By Yuan

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