TrackingBird Partnered with YeahMobi at Its Mobile App Tracking Product Launch Press Conference during GMIC

TrackingBird Partnered with YeahMobi at Its Mobile App Tracking Product Launch Press Conference during GMIC
On the 28th of April, global leading mobile game cloud testing platform ‘TestBird’ held a press conference at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.


During the conference, TestBird’s CEO Wei Li officially announced their brand-new mobile advertising tracking product – TrackingBird, which is a result of two years of hard work, development and research. This product is designed to help mobile apps & games developers and marketers locate the sources of valuable users and optimize advertising strategies in the overseas markets.



The biggest Chinese mobile performance marketing company YeahMobi also arrived during the event. YeahMobi’s chief business officer Patrick Pan, on behalf of YeahMobi, joined a strategic alliance with TrackingBird aiming to help Chinese mobile apps & games to take their lion’s share in the overseas markets.



Acquiring quality traffic in the overseas markets has become the biggest problem for Chinese mobile apps & games


Based on the summits’ topics at this year’s GMIC and the background of the attendees, ‘oversea markets’ clearly set the tone. GMIC has always been the bench-mark of the mobile internet sector. Globalization has become the focus of Chinese mobile internet in the past few years. The success of ‘Cheetah’ really opened the door for Chinese mobile internet to the global arena.


However, overseas markets do not operate the same way as Chinese markets do. Chinese mobile apps & games always had obstacles posed in front of them in the past no matter which overseas market they tried to penetrate. High advertising cost, time difference and language barriers are the common issues. The biggest problem for overseas Chinese mobile apps & games will have to be quality user acquisition.


‘We already have 2500 plus customers. Almost all of the mobile game companies here today at GMIC are our customers. A lot of them want to go global. Through our talks, we found out what they care about the most is that from the panoply of complex advertising networks, exactly which one brings the most valuable users?’, said TestBird’s CEO Wei Li. If they could find a way to help Chinese mobile apps & games to locate the sources of valuable users, that would be the first step towards the billion dollar market.


Flying first class with the Chinese speaking ‘TrackingBird’


In order to help Chinese mobile apps & games to keep up with globalization and resolve their acquisition issues, TestBird spent two years working on this new analytic product ‘TrackingBird’.


TrackingBird is a new-generation advanced analytics for mobile user acquisition. TrackingBird provides customers with real time tracking reports, users’ retention rate, identifies the sources of quality users, analyzes users’ behaviors, optimize advertising strategies and maximize ROI. TrackingBird offers accurate source attribution, has reliable tracking systems all over the world, generates comprehensive KPI reports, understands both Chinese and oversea markets and holds the solutions to smart marketing.


During the press conference, TrackingBird demonstrated how smart tracking links integrate with ad networks. The device fingerprinting algorithm ensures the accuracy of user sources and avoids attribution overlap and over charging. TrackingBird’s universal SDK can integrate with multiple ad networks within minutes.


TrackingBird analyzes users’ retention through sub-channels. Advertisers are able to customize tutorial, payment, update and other in-app events in order to better understand users’ behaviors and locate the sources of valuable users. When it came it data privacy, Wei Li indicated that ‘We are a third party service provider. Your data belong to you. We only use your data for attribution purposes. We will never disclose your data to any third party without your consent.’


‘There is one other thing I have to mention here. Advertising in the western markets is expensive. For Chinese mobile apps that want to expand to overseas markets, the only tracking services they can choose from are all foreign to them. Language and time difference issues are inevitable. A lot of Chinese apps are discouraged by such issues’, Wei added, ‘That’s where we come in. Besides our advantage in pricing, we also understand both Chinese and English. On top of that, we are a 24/7 service.’



Buddies up with YeahMobi, TrackingBird opens the door of mobile globalization to Chinese apps & games


During TrackingBird’s press conference, the biggest Chinese mobile performance marketing company YeahMobi joined a strategic alliance with TrackingBird.



Mr. Wei told the press that as the biggest Chinese mobile marketing company, YeahMobi has great experience and skills in oversea mobile marketing and advertising. Our next step is to integrate TrackingBird into Yeahmobi’s ad network and help Chinese mobile apps & games achieve breakthroughs and success in overseas market expansion.


YeahMobi’s Chinese market director Patrick Pan gave a speech on ‘The new market trends in the mobile internet sector’ during the conference. YeahMobi has offices in the United States, Japan, Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Shenzhen and many other major cities in China. Currently, YeahMobi is the only Chinese company that hits the advertising chart on Google and Facebook.



The scale of YeahMobi’s Performance Network trading ranks the first in the world. At the moment, YeahMobi’s monthly global ad impression has surpassed 147.6 billion times and its global mobile app download has reached 30 million with 400 million active monthly users. YeahMobi has been promoting the development of native advertising and offering the best optimization solutions to small and medium sized developers.



Compatibility Testing + Crowdsourced Testing + Mobile App Tracking, TestBird strives to forge a mobile game service ecosystem


This GMIC is under the theme of ‘Mobile Everything’, which indicates the infinite opportunities and possibilities in the future development of mobile internet. The latest whirl of mobile internet is coming into shape, TestBird intends to take this opportunity to redefine the mobile internet landscape and forge a mobile apps & games service ecosystem with compatibility, crowdsourced testing and mobile app tracking.


Since the first compatibility testing service was introduced to the market in 2014, TestBird became the authority of the Chinese mobile game service providers. They acquired more than 2500 partners and tested 4000 plus mobile games in 8 months. In the beginning of this year, TestBird’s compatibility testing service gradually landed in Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United Stated, Europe, Hong Kong, Macao and other major markets in the world.


TestBird held a product launch press conference at TFC last month to introduce their crowdsourced testing service to the market. Less than a month, this product has attracted 200 mobile game companies. KuGou, yodo1, iDreamSky and other well-known mobile game developers and publishers have showed intention of partner with TestBird.


This brand new oversea tracking product has been booked by 100 companies with the intention of overseas market expansion. Li Wei told the audience that there are two aspects of compatibility testing and crowdsourced testing, namely game performance testing and user experience assessment.


During beta testing, TestBird helps developers improve game quality and increase the odds of success. After the games are released, TestBird sends out its sub-brand product TrackingBird to help the developers monitor advertising performance, optimize marketing strategies, acquire quality users and monetize.


Through partnerships and resource exchange with Tencent Cloud, yodo1, YeahMobi and KuGou, TestBird set its mind on creating a service ecosystem to push mobile game industry forward.


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