TrackingBird Sends Chinese Mobile Developers Overseas

TrackingBird Sends Chinese Mobile Developers Overseas
Recent years saw an increase in Chinese mobile game developers shifting their marketing focus to the lucrative Western markets, building apps and games for the U.S. and European users. According to data from App Annie, two Chinese mobile companies have made their way to Google App Store top 10 download chart last year. As much of a role globalization is playing, other explanations can be put forward based on extensive research and solid statistics.


Reasons for Chinese developers expanding into the Western markets


First of all, market monopoly. The Chinese markets are highly monopolized. There is a giant for each sector, such as Baidu for searching, Tencent for social networking. It is extremely difficult for small and medium sized companies in China to make their presence known in the market, let alone grabbing a piece of that pie. On top of that, seeing how fast mobile apps and games are growing drives those same Chinese developers juggernauts. In just a few years, Chinese mobile app & game market becomes saturated.


Even though the same argument can be put forward for when Western developers come to China, Western market monopoly is much less severe, which brings us to the second argument, market regulation. Western markets are generally better regulated than Chinese markets. Western markets have a longer history of development and matured much earlier than Chinese markets.


Last but not probably the least, customer behavior plays a vital role in Chinese developers’ decisions in expanding the global market. Research shows that even though Chinese app downloads are one of the highest, Chinese users generally prefer free games rather than paying for them. European users have a much higher tendency in terms of in-app & in-game purchases. Giving the current mobile marketing model that the majority of developers and marketers are counting on that specific transition from free download to in-app purchases to turn a profit, Chinese users fail to deliver such conversion.


What are the barriers between Chinese CPs and the Western markets?


It goes without saying that the language barrier is always the first problem people encounter when going to another country and dealing with another culture. Nothing is worse than selling an app or a game that no one understands. However, a word for word translation is proven to be counterproductive when introducing a product to another country. That’s the reason why we seldom see the word ‘translation’ on the international networks or press, the new phrase is call ‘localization’. Localizing an app or a game is much different from translating them. Different political, cultural, economic backgrounds need to be taken into consideration and adjustments made accordingly.


Another risk Chinese developers are concerned with is whether or not their apps work in the Western markets. More precisely, what works. How to make sure the apps make their way up in the app store? Are you using the right marketing strategy in this specific country? It is hard to decide what’s needed because there are plenty app solutions out there in the market.


What TrackingBird is able to provide?


TrackingBird is an international company consisting of a multinational team. We believe that internationalization is the ultimate goal for every mobile internet company. With our professional English skills and deep understanding of how business is conducted in the West, we are able to help Chinese CPs go global and clear up the obstacles on their journey to the ‘West’.


In the mobile internet sector, apps and games are the two major commercial territory. Both share the same goal of monetization. If you are a developer or a publisher, there is a good chances that you will want to market your app or game with as many ad networks as possible in order to achieve maximum exposure and gain a user base. Unfortunately, marketing cost has gone up so considerably in the West that not every one is able to afford advertising on that many networks. That’s why tracking service is considered as smart marketing.


TrackingBird offers smart solution to ad campaigns. TrackingBird attributes ad campaigns to the ad networks accordingly and precisely. We are able to track each installs back to the source of download, which benefits mobile marketers to optimize their campaign strategies and maximize ROI by seeing which ad networks work better than the others.


On a more technical front, TrackingBird offers three industrial leading features: A flexible analytic platform, multi-dimensional attribution function and transparent ROI diagram. Our customers can manage their multiple app stores and ad networks with one operating system, gain comprehensive date from sub-publisher & sub-site attribution and track down valuable users through a clear and informative ROI diagram.


Besides our specialties, TrackingBird also offers other value-added services, such as a universal SDK, smart tracking URLs, customer retention analysis, real-time dashboard, custom events and data security. Each function is designed to help our fellow Chinese CPs and marketers go global and get a head start in the Western markets.


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