TV Dramas and Mobile Games: All Eyes Are on You – Case Study

TV Dramas and Mobile Games: All Eyes Are on You – Case Study

The Background

The summer of 2015 was the begining of new television dramas on TV and the internet. One of the biggest hits this year was “The Journey of Flower”. It was a story about an orphaned girl named Hua Qiangu, learning martial arts and magic in order to survive. The story has secret romance and many action scenes with evil demons trying to destroy Hua and her friends. The big budget TV show had big stars, beautiful scenery, its own novel, and wonderful music. With all that, Chengdu company, SkyMoons, was given the lead to create a mobile ARPG based on the show.

The Problem

SkyMoons was given a lot of pressure to produce a game based on the summer’s biggest hit as well as a large marketing campaign from the show producers to go along with the game. With so much stress on them, failure was not an option. Adding to the pressure, the TV show would end in the early fall and the developers had to release the game for both iOS and Android before gamers  would move onto the next big action drama. Sky Interactive asked TestBird to help them speed up their testing and provide reports on the quality of the game in compatibility and playability.

The Solution

With the help of quick, repeated testing including the reporting of CPU slowdowns, freezes, and crashes against a very rich 3D ARPG environment, the game ended testing at 90% compatibility on Android devices, rating it as an excellent game for compatibility. The game was released on iOS during the show run, hitting #1 on the Apple Store’s free app section. The Android game was also released at the end of the show run and continues to be a top download on many of the marketplaces in China.

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