Understand Mobile Advertising ROI

Understand Mobile Advertising ROI
For advertisers, it is crucial to measure, control and evaluate cost. One of the most tricky problems that advertisers must be ready to handle is being able to know their advertising ROI.


ROI (return on investment) is an abbreviation used to evaluate the outcome of an investment. It is one of the few reliable ways to measure the profits of an invested capital.


Research done by eMarketer estimates the spending on mobile advertising will reach 600 billion dollars worldwide in 2015 with the US, China, Japan, Germany and the UK leading the chart. It is a nearly 6% of increase compared to 2014.


Mobile advertising is turning out to be a scalable and key factor of economic growth around the world. Setting up a reliable and accurate ROI measurement system is the first step. In order to measure ROI accurately, the system must be able to track users’ actions after they see an advertising on a mobile device. Only up till a few years ago, such technology was met with many obstacles. Mobile ad tracking and analytics have developed rapidly over the last year. Precise ROI measurement t is no longer a myth.


There are quite a few third party mobile analytics providers in the market. Advertisers use these analytic tools to keep track of where their users come from and compare the performance of each campaign. Besides basic tracking functions such as SDK, smart links, retention, convention and real-time data, each provider offers their own custom events.


These options provide advertisers with valuable data that can potentially drive revenue at the most efficient ROI by tracking click-throughs, view-throughs and other users’ behaviors. This, in return, allows advertisers to re-allocate their budgets and make informed decisions.


Advertisers often find it difficult to use and manage tracking tools. Common problems, such as multiple SDK integration, overlapping attribution make advertisers hesitate to use tracking tools.


TrackingBird offers an universal SDK that can be integrated with multiple Ad networks and has no effect on the app/game. A real-time dashboard allows advertisers to keep track of clicks, activation, convention, income, ADU and other customized in-app events. TrackingBird’s real-time dashboard is able to update numbers under 5 minutes. The sophisticated attribution algorithm guarantees accurate attribution and that the same device ID will not be attributed to twice.


Conversion drives ROI. TrackingBird’s conversion tracking API allows advertisers to track both installs and other conversion events result from running your mobile advertising campaigns. Advertisers will be able to see the total number of conversions and know where the budget money went.


What’s even more ROI significant is the attribution report generated by TrackingBird’s tracking system. The report is consists of general, events and retention analysis. Advertisers are able to select basic attribution entries, such as time, location testing data under general analysis and see each ad campaign performance. Event analysis points advertisers to the quality users. The in-depth retention analysis monitors the history performance from different channels in order to adjust campaign strategies and maximize ROI.


Mobile advertising is booming at a rocket climbing speed today. Sooner or later, mobile analytics will become a necessity for advertisers if they wish to increase their ROI. Choosing the right tracking tool is essential.


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