What are TestBird Employees Excited for in 2016? Big Data

What are TestBird Employees Excited for in 2016? Big Data

The big holidays in China haven’t arrived yet and won’t be in full swing until February. So having the staff together for the end of the year gives us a chance to come up with our predictions for the next year. Though our CEO has already given his predictions for China’s mobile game market in 2016, I asked the staff what they thought about tech for next year. A resounding answer flooded my email box. Big data.

Big data is known as data collected from for research and using it to predict the future and what needs to be done. We’ve had this for years with the weather report, sport predictions, and finance. But with so much data being collected from smartphone, smartwatches, our internet usage, or from appliances in our house, it’s something that is growing into new ways of thinking.

A lot of discussion on the positive uses of big data like better water conservation, forecasting future sales due to past similar events, or knowing when a person is having a medical issue due to past problems and data of others who have similar backgrounds.

TestBird has been a leader in collecting data for our customers. We are a very data-driven company that wants nothing uncovered in our mobile app testing. From our extensive reports for our customers, to our bi-yearly white papers, we are in love data and sharing it with those who need it. We want to be the first in correctly predicting your future gains and losses, as well as the trends of today and tomorrow.

We’ve already shared some data with companies on the web and are already planning great new ways to share more data for our customers in China and abroad as we begin 2016. We really hope you can be a part of this with our new products and new features that will be added to our already great testing services.

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