Which Mobile CPUs Are Too Hot to Handle?

Which Mobile CPUs Are Too Hot to Handle?
Mobile phones haven’t been known for needing a fast CPU to do its work. Just make a phone call and let me check my messages. This changed in the last 10 years as phone manufactures have pushed the limits of what the difference between a phone and a handheld computer really are. TestBird regularly studies the market and are always looking at the issues app developers would face when building apps for mobile devices for the mobile marketplace.


CPUs are usually looked at for their speed. Though this is important to the consumer, this isn’t the only issue both developers and TestBird are thinking about. It’s also heat. A hot CPU is a very big problem for two reasons:


First is the fact that too much heat wears things down. This means the device’s life ends prematurely. Customers are spending large amounts of money and are becoming more aware that CPU overheating leads to a device’s health. Anything creating issues with a device are usually uninstalled to save the life of a phone.


Second, some CPU heavy games can heat a phone to temperatures so hot, gamers can’t even hold their phones. This might scare gamers away from the game and lead to large amounts of uninstalls and terrible reviews.


TestBird reviews CPU heat scores in their mobile compatibility app testing to help developers know CPU heating issues with second by second testing of their app in our cloud reporting that’s included in their test report.


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From our research of over 13,000 apps this year, we have found major issues with Qualcomm and Marvel CPU chipsets. This isn’t a surprise as stories about Snapdragon’s CPU heat issues in the LG Flex 2 are making the device too hot for consumers comfort.


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This table shows the different temperatures between genres of games tested in our labs. Sports games averaged the highest temperature at 34.33 C while one Fighting game (Fighting games include FPS and Action) scored the hottest at 59.72 C. That’s about 139 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s way too hot for some people, especially those with metal or thin plastic backplates on their phone.


For more information about temperature and other issues, please visit our website and download our free report “China’s Mobile Game Compatibility Test White Paper for the First Half of 2015”

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