Why A/B Testing is a Must For Your App!

Recently, App Annie had a great  article about the use of A/B Testing for your apps icon. Google allows you now to try out different app icons to see which one is more successful and leads you to a bigger audience for your app.


A/B Testing isn’t something brand new. It’s growth from the web is a far off reach from the old marketing days where a marketing team would show many mockups that took hours to build to clients who then have to choose the best one in their mind and hope it’s the right choice. Today, A/B Testing is streamlined, more minute, and comes with a lot more data to understand exactly which things to change and make a company better returns.
For mobile marketing, developing a great game isn’t good enough anymore. With over 1.5 million apps in both Google play store and Apple store, being a great game isn’t going to cut it. You will need to make your app stand out! And if you do get users, they you need to monetize them effectively. How do we do that? A/B Testing can help solve this issue.


Let’s go back to Google’s new apps icon testing. App icons. The app icon is very important because it’s just like the cover on a book or magazine or movie poster. It’s the first thing a user sees and invites them to look into your game. There are always arguments about which types of icons work.


Another A/B test is in how you promote your app. You could put out advertising inside other apps, advertise on websites, use bus stops, or spend money on a TV commercial during a football game. It’s very hard and very expensive to A/B test these methods, but advertising within other apps has become effective in cost and time.


But with the many different ways to advertise today in apps (Video, full screen, banner, etc) making sure you have something that creates installs and later bigger APUs is very important. Also knowing what Ad networks and users are actually clicking on them is super important. A/B and even A/B/C/D/… testing might be needed if you have the budget and time. Using tracking systems like TrackingBird can help in better understanding your numbers with their technology.



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Which is better?


Testing in the game can be a big worry for some developers. But Steven Collins, CTO at Swrve, in his talk at Casual Connect Europe had some  great tips to share about this topic. One very cool idea on the issue of micro-transactions is to instead of changing the price of items and give different groups different discounts. This can mitigate any chatter from the internet about some customers getting more for a smaller price because people believe discounts are given to different people at different times for different reasons. Using this psychological advantage can help you out. Micro-transaction are also available for tracking at TestBird.




If you are in need of tracking your DAUs/MAUs/APPUs and more, try out TestBird mobile attribution & tracking product. Your free month is here with custom attribution tracking as well as user acquisition tracking. Try it out and see what you could be saving by using our service – mobile attribution analytics.



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