Why we Automate our Testing!

Why we Automate our Testing!

There are a lot of testing platforms for the mobile app today. Many are virtual machines. TestBird knew this wasn’t the answer. Why would you want not want to use the real device? Wouldn’t that be more effective in giving me an answer?

Though testing on devices is the best answer, there were many issues that come with testing on so many devices. Testing by hand is very labor intensive as you need to install the app onto every device and test them one at a time.

And what about the price? With hundreds of devices coming out everywhere in the world, the time and money to find and buy the most popular phones is insane. Then the cost to store them and charge them and repair them would just be too much for most studios.

TestBird wanted to bring the quality of testing by hand that would be affordable for the one man developer up to the enterprise company. With our team of testing experts, we were able to automate the testing process and create the added bonus of second-by-second screen capture, phone status, and logging, that allows a developer all the tools they need to see where an app is faltering or where bottlenecks occur.

The best thing about all of this is that it can be done and have a fully detailed report in 24 hours among hundreds of phones in our labs. This also can be done at a very affordable price that allows you the flexibility to not need so many devices in the office and still have the confidence your app works on every popular phone in the market.

If you haven’t tried us today, why not? Get a free trial and see what our partners have discovered. One of the greatest testing companies in the World and the best in China.

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