Why You Don’t Need Large-Scale In-House Test Labs

Why You Don’t Need Large-Scale In-House Test Labs
Many companies that develop mobile games or apps assume they need large-scale in-house testing facilities. It just isn’t true. It isn’t even cost effective if you actually think about it. The largest part of overhead cost usually comes from a company’s payroll. The second largest comes from building and utility cost. Does it even make sense to try to test these products in-house? Attempting to test these products in-house, especially on a regular basis, raises both of these costs considerably.
A more sensible solution is to outsource the work. This frees up time, office space, and staff to get back to the important business of development. Avoiding large-scale in-house testing labs makes a company more productive overall. As long as the reporting is accurate and extensive, then it is beneficial.
TestBird is a mobile game and app tester based in China. Their operating system is very user friendly and they offer real-time bug reports. TestBird’s eagle –eye technology allows them the ability to test a game or app across all the different operating systems. Their automated testing lab makes the testing process pain free. They offer localized testing for bringing games to new countries and performance testing to make sure everything is performing as it should. With a laboratory of over 1,000 different mobile devices, they are also able to offer functional and compatibility testing. TestBird makes it possible to test mobile games on over 1,000 different mobile devices in about an hour. Now that’s efficiency.
Whether it’s Android game testing you are looking for or something else, TestBird can probably deliver. Compatibility testing is an important function of the whole testing process. With so many different mobile devices operating on so many different platforms, compatibility testing is vital. With mobile game quality optimization, TestBird allows you to launch your mobile games even faster and bug free.
The reports provided by TestBird are fast and accurate. They will help you save time in the development cycle and help you get your product to market faster than ever before. This will help you save money. TestBird has even been shown to increase player retention by as much as 15%. They even offer a free trial so you can create an account for free and start testing your mobile games. Don’t waste any more time trying to do these things in-house. Create a free account at TestBird so you can get back to the business of developing.

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