Your New Year’s Business Resolution is Optimizing your Mobile App Company

Your New Year’s Business Resolution is Optimizing your Mobile App Company

With the New Year less than a week ahead, most might be thinking about family, taking down the holiday decorations, or that strange dream you had after drinking too much eggnog last night. When you get back to the office, it might be time to think hard about what to do for 2016.

With most app development companies (and any company really), there are always a few things to better improve your work. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Maybe moving people to different places for better synergy. Sometimes as a company grows, we forget to put proper people in the right spaces. Sometimes marketing is on the other side of the office as sales. Moving people around can help build better synergy, but also bring that new feeling you had when you first came in.

Having one-on-one talks with employees and management about issues they faced this past year. There might be a lot of problems that the CEO or other managers might not have heard about and having these informal talks can bring more thought about better production or new app ideas. This can also improve relationships in the company and bring improvements you never were thinking about.

Rethinking company policies to improve morale. Morale is a very big problem in app development as hours are long and the work is tough. Make sure to tend to some of the needs of your employees. The one-on-one talks might be a good place to ask around and see what is happening.

Finding better tools and products to help improve your company like TestBird. TestBird wants to help you this next year and become a part of your business in helping you speed up and lower costs in your mobile compatibility testing.  With tools like TestBird’s mobile compatibility testing, you will find a less stress and a lot happier for the whole year.

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